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Due to our busy schedule, before contacting us please consider the following:

The study notes are provided on the website.
Books are provided under study materials – you’ll want to read all of them.
Audio is provided – you’ll want to hear all of them.
Videos are provided – you’ll want to watch all of them.
Some of the material is repeated – that’s ok too – it helps you learn.
Information and books for teaching children is already listed here on this site.

If you’re interested in teaching your children, gain a foundational understanding of the trivium by studying the material on this site for yourself first, and once you feel ready, then the Trivium Pursuit website contains information that will help you with your children. They teach the Christian version there, so if you’re not Christian, just apply your own newly developed trivium skills to filter through it and take what’s valid.

Please do not contact us for more information regarding your children unless you’ve already studied everything provided here. Thank you.

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