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Dr. Michael Labossiere interview, pt. 2 – “General Grammar – Subject and Predicate″ – #063

This show is being released on Monday, January 31, 2010. My interview with Michael Labossiere was recorded on January 29, 2010. Today we continue our series with Dr. Michael Labossiere on general grammar and the subject and the predicate.

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  1. For some unknown reason, this interview seems to have been recorded in stereo, but posted in mono; I can only hear Jan ask questions. Michael’s voice is missing.

  2. Greetings,
    I have only recently discovered the Trivium and I am 53 yrs of age. Owing to some learning disabilities that stem from undiagnosed dislexia my early childhood education output was less than stellar. The fact that I graduated from high school and Community College seems more like mind over matter than academic achievement. I want to thank you for making this information available, you’ve provided a great service. Also, I would like to ask if you know of any presentations of the Trivium/Quadrivium that include the Nile Valley teachers of Greek philosophers like Thales and Pythagoras?

    Thanks again for the great work you do.

    Best regards

    1. The quadrivium should cover Pythagoras some. But he was also an occultist, etc. Study it and realize his contributions, as well as tactics. You’ll want to see the trivium study materials section on the top menu.

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