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Unplugged Mom – “Intellectual Nutrition: Continuing Trivium Conversations” – with Gene Odening

Unplugged Mom continues her series with Gene Odening:

Gene Odening joined me again to continue our discussion on an education based on the principles of the Trivium. The Trivium has been incorporated into Gene’s experience from childhood. He now shares his insights and experience to help others grasp the concept of Trivium education. Having joined me for UMRadio in a spectacular series of episodes, I am happy to have had the opportunity to deliver this valuable information to the unplugged audience.

Intellectual Nutrition picks up where we left off last time during our discussion on logic. We talk some about the importance of recognizing the development states in human learning, how to allow that natural development to cooperate with our parenting and compliment the ways in which we continue to learn as well as how we can help our children learn.

The Trivium, the way I have come to know it thus far, is simply a name given to the recognition of how human beings acquire, process and utilize the rich plethora of information that the world offers.

It is my belief that because schooling offers an unhealthy, contrived version of education, we have become reconditioned to process artificial information in an artificial way that defies our nature. Outside of the classroom environment however, we are free to enjoy a more organic, substantial and healthy educational experience.

By discovering, understanding and then applying the principles of the Trivium, we offer our mind a better diet adherent to the way our brain works naturally. A healthier intellect provides the foundation for a healthier body and soul and lays the ground for a healthier, more satisfying and full life.

You are invited to listen in on my conversation with Gene as we discuss the many benefits of seeking intellectual nutrition through an understanding and application of Trivium concepts.

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  1. This was just brilliant. Well done. I really really hope Gene talks about Adults and the Trivium for the next instalment, as I am keen to break my habits of a life time (@40).
    Thank you so much to all involved thanks to you there is hope.


    Rob UK

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