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Peace Revolution 001: The Great Conversation

Peace Revolution the official Podcast of Tragedy and Hope: episode 001: The Great Conversation

Featuring: Jan Irvin of, Paul Verge of, and Richard Grove and Lisa Arbercheski of

The Peace Revolution Podcast is a Public Service of Tragedy and Hope Magazine ( )

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  1. In mental wards music is forbidden. Back in the day it was suggested poetry be forbidden. Both are uplifting, healing and contain many hidden and overt truths. I believe that is a key along with the advertising of mental health drugs to the degree that even sane people crave the drugs they advertise.

  2. Where is the references? Without the link’s to the 1953_ 54 Encyclopedia reference, how are we to verify this grammar? I want to know?

  3. Great job, guys! I’m halfway thru. The only issue I have is the accountability factor. I agree with mark passio that it always the one who takes and acts out on the orders who is ultimately responsible and not the ones who give the orders. It’s the second time I have come across this discrepancy. Both are in serious breach of trust but it’s the one who pulls the trigger that holds the blame, no? Not because “well, that’s what congress passed as “law” an so…” Or “well that’s what the regulations say so that’s what we must abide by
    “. People still have a choice to make. Yeah it sucks and it must be very difficult position to be in for some o these folk but it’s not rocket science, is it? I think it’s very important to reiterate that it is the one who acts out on the orders that is ultimately responsible. Other than that I’m loving every min o hanging out listening to beautiful minds discuss real shit and keeping it 100. Peace!!!

    1. “Moral Culpability” I totally agree with him too. I use to serve in the Air Force and had came to that conclusion on my own, and it hurt to have that realization but necessary. I had gotten out of the AF in Dec. 2008 and in Jan 2009 i came across pictures of the Iraq war and this photographer had captured an image that burns in my mind still, it was a black and white photo of the City of Baghdad and the photographer took a picture of the street and on the horizon you could see buildings up in smoke and on either side of the street you could see the buildings also devastated by fire and plumes of black and white and gray smoke billowing upwards and then on the street on the right side of the curb you could see a mom who laid dead in the street while her very small infant still alive sucked on her breast…my life forever changed, i was absolutely terrified and distraught and heartbroken and balled because i knew this was wrong. So wrong. I pray and send strength to that baby and to everyone who is devastated by atrocities like it. love and compassion brothers and sisters.

      Im a single mom now with three babies and i am homeschooling them so im happy to have come across The Seven Liberal Arts, im basically learning alongside my kids… to all who read please send me strength to rear my kids the best way possible. Compassion to all.

  4. Most anti-depressants don’t have fluoride in it!

    And where is the data to back up your claim that the NAZIS used fluoride? You know it?! Did you examine it yourself Richard?!!! Or did you read it somewhere and believe it11^^

      1. Thank you for the clarification. Would you disagree with Hassan I Sabbah’s statement that “Nothing is True”? If so, Nothing must be very large to contain such a large something in it as this.

  5. Imho a REvolution is not peacefull. We need Evolution.
    So long as people revolt, and marginalize the past leaders, the revolution will continue to revolve.
    Evoution is not a circular action.

  6. Merci from a French follower !
    Enjoy a perfect illustration of the ongoing brainwashing/dumbing-down perpetrated inside the American school system by their robotic agents -soon to be replaced by AI ? (machines or individuals as they would like us to see it ) :

    ” ( … ) Within the heated political exchange, the liberal teacher perpetuated the notion of rampant anti-black racist police shootings in America, claimed she was “smarter” than the dictionary, suggested FBI statistics were bunk because the organization is “seeded” in white supremacy, and accused the Latino student of being a brainwashed “radical.”

    Although the 12th grader cited statistics and facts, the teacher maintained her victimhood narrative and carried on the debate for what the student said was well over the ten minutes captured on camera.” ( … )

    The 10:00 video :

    N.B. The purpose here is not to bring up any political topic although it does speak of politicomix as I call it.
    What is interesting is to observe the mechanics and dynamics of the exchange which are exemplary of the non-communication technic, using a discourse filled with an array of fallacies.
    Obviously and unfortunately the student doesn’t have the tools to counter his verbal opponent (who happens to also be the authority ).

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